Scholarship Student: Bombarding the Advisers with Questions

Judith Bongardt is keen to gain in-depth knowledge. She asks many questions and is pleased at the many answers that she receives. The 23-year-old is completing a work placement for ten weeks during the summer holidays at AGRAVIS Mischfutter Ostwestfalen/Lippe GmbH. She is gathering valuable practical experience at the feed manufacturing plant there and has an opportunity to ask a lot of questions.

Two doors and a few steps are all that separate her workplace from her sleeping quarters during this period. She does not need a car, bicycle or train to get to her accommodation. Her quarters, which the 23-year-old first made over slightly to her taste before moving in, are in a one-room apartment on the top floor of the administrative building. Since March 2013, Judith Bongardt has been taking part in the AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG's scholarship student programme. This provides financial support to students of agricultural sciences for two years and gives them an opportunity to complete work placements at AGRAVIS or a subsidiary. This is how Judith Bongardt ended up in Minden.

She actually comes from near Bonn and is in the fifth semester of her agriculture studies at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences. Her family does not have its own farm, she reports: "But I always helped out in the past on a farm nearby." Physical work in the fresh air – that's to her liking. Especially if she also gets to look after cows. She still cannot warm to the idea of a pure office job.

Fortunately, it is lively for her in the feed manufacturing plant, from one station to another. At the grain intake unit, the bagging station and in materials planning, the young woman was able to demonstrate her ability and specialist knowledge. She also experienced everyday working practices in raw material procurement and intake, in animal feed production and in sales. A variety that has deeply impressed the budding agriculturalist: "You don't often get insights into so many different areas during a work placement."

Personally, she likes the trips with the animal feed advisers most, however. When they go out onto the farms. "That's fun. Particularly because the advisers show me so many different farms", Judith Bongardt says. She is not therefore ruling out an adviser activity in terms of her own professional future. However, after completing her bachelor's, she could also imagine leaving Germany for a year and going to Canada, for example, to work as a herd manager there.

Until then, she will continue to beat the big drum for a work placement at AGRAVIS. For example, for the Grow@AGRAVIS work placement programme Grow@AGRAVIS work placement programme in the animal feed companies of AGRAVIS. This is aimed primarily at agricultural scientists specializing in livestock science. "The supervision is very good and there is very close contact to the company", says Judith Bongardt.