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A Job Involving Desk Work, Field Work and Customer Contact. Our colleague, Eiko Tjaden, reports on his activity in crop growing consultancy.

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The AGRAVIS Group is one of the major players in European agricultural trade. We employ more than 6,000 staff in support of our cooperative distribution partners, agriculture and people in rural areas.

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Entry opportunities

Entry opportunities

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  • AGRAVIS as an Employer

AGRAVIS as an Employer

    The AGRAVIS Group sees itself as a large team, passionate about being specialists.

    AGRAVIS is making important contributions to shaping the future of agricultural trade in all major areas. Our strengths include long-established customer relationships, the high quality of our products and consulting as well as consistent customer orientation. Our employees make use of the room for manoeuvre with great autonomy and initiative.
    AGRAVIS as an Employer AGRAVIS as an Employer

  • Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

    Motivated Together

    In your very first days in our ranks, you will sense what creates the atmosphere at AGRAVIS. We attach importance to intensive cooperation. A wide variety of specialists – young and experienced employees – work together closely and collegially in order to develop the best solution for our customers.
    Corporate Culture Corporate Culture

  • Passionate about Being Specialists

Passionate about Being Specialists

    Welcome to the AGRAVIS Group

    The field in which the AGRAVIS Group operates on a daily basis is extraordinarily multi-faceted and extremely complex. The challenge that it faces is commensurately great and extensive. We combine the talents, strengths and experience of a wide range of employees in order that, together, we may make significant contributions to shaping agricultural trade.
    Passionate about Being Specialists Passionate about Being Specialists