AGRAVIS as an Employer

The AGRAVIS Group sees itself as a large team, passionate about being specialists.

AGRAVIS is making important contributions to shaping the future of agricultural trade in all major areas. Our strengths include long-established customer relationships and a high quality of our products. Our employees make use of the room for manoeuvre with great autonomy and initiative. AGRAVIS assists them in this by providing committed, continuous support and, as a large company with its roots in the region, offers them attractive job prospects with long-term security.

We actively practise a sense of community on a daily basis: exceptionally practice-oriented and pragmatic. Is that something with which you can and want to identify? If so, you already fulfil the key prerequisites for a successful career with AGRAVIS.

Passionate about Being Specialists Passionate about Being Specialists

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AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG is one of the best employers in Germany.
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