Prospects at AGRAVIS

We are very keen for you to familiarize yourself ever more deeply with your specialist area in accordance with your interests and strengths.

The more you know and are able to do, the more both our customers and our team will benefit from this. We will be pleased to assist you here in the form of an extensive package of measures.

In the sales-oriented agricultural business, we offer both sales entrants and experienced staff the possibility of participating in different sales training courses. These courses teach sales thinking and sales behaviour, refresh and sharpen up knowledge. We also, of course, offer our executive staff AGRAVIS management training, in which participants acquire the essential skills for successfully mastering the tasks and challenges that they face as executives of the AGRAVIS Group.

Melanie Hentschel, deputy head of Markets

"Whether you are a rider, angler or garden fan, you can make a career out of your hobby at AGRAVIS and fully identify with your task."

The individual and intensive fostering of specialists and executive staff is just as important to our company's success as the qualified initial and further training of employees and specialists. We see the growth of personal and social skills as being just as important as the development of specialist qualifications. To ensure that such skills are fostered, we combine internal and external programmes in the interests of our employees. Our dedicated Human Resources Development team will provide reliable assistance to you here.

Your own drive fuelled by personal passion, coupled with our broad support programme and the great room for manoeuvre and creative scope, provides you with a guarantee of a high degree of individual development prospects. We go to great lengths to ensure this and will be pleased if you take root at AGRAVIS. This is where your future will grow.

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