Prospects at AGRAVIS

You will gather new, important experience on a daily basis in your first position at AGRAVIS.

We are very keen for you to familiarize yourself ever more deeply with your specialist area in accordance with your interests and strengths. We will be pleased to assist you in this in the form of an extensive package of measures.

Through various sales training courses, we will prepare you for the challenges with which you will be faced in respect of customers on site and in in-house sales. On the one hand, you will be able to extend your specialist knowledge. On the other hand, we will assist you in achieving your personal development targets. Furthermore, we provide specialist courses and a wide range of professional development and further training programmes – you have a wide variety of opportunities to continually gain further qualifications at AGRAVIS.

Adrian Hentschel, process technologist in the milling and animal feel industries (miller)

"My exciting task as a miller involves producing, packaging and selling mixed animal feed: It starts with accepting the raw materials and extends to loading the ready-made feed."

We see the growth of personal and social skills as being just as important as the development of specialist qualifications. To ensure that such skills are fostered, we combine internal and external programmes in the interests of our employees. Our dedicated Human Resources Development team will provide reliable assistance to you here.

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