Shooting the Trainee Film

Versatile, modern and exciting: This is what training is like at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG. The trainees that are already in the company have known that for a long time, of course. Now they are also spreading the word to the outside world, in the shape of a corporate video, to whose script 14 young first-year and second-year trainees have energetically contributed.

Furthermore, many trainees also presented themselves on camera. The shooting was undertaken by professionals. Photographs were taken at different AGRAVIS locations. In the end, many hours of film material become a few minutes of full, dynamic picture sequences.

"This film intends to convey a contemporary and authentic picture of training at AGRAVIS", says Julia Hennig, spokesperson for training. To this end, trainees devised a funny frame story with professional assistance. At the beginning of the film, a lonely employee is shown in a musty office. In rapid montages, this exaggerated picture develops into a pulsating, modern agribusiness. The trainees take a leading part in these impressions of the diverse work sequences at AGRAVIS.

Shooting had begun in particularly spectacular fashion. To take the aerial photographs, a "drone" had climbed up into the cloudless sky over Münster. Mounted on the aircraft weighing only five kilograms with eight small rotors ("octocopter") was an HD camera. It supplied breathtakingly beautiful images of the approach to the enormous picture of a bull on the silo towers of the feed manufacturing plant in Münster. Drone and camera were then steered safely through the distribution centre of AGRAVIS in Münster. Shooting also took place in Kornhaus Brakel, in AGRAVIS Technik in Olfen and in the builders' merchant Theodor Elbers in Lüdinghausen.

The corporate film is due to be completed in November and then to be shown on a separate web page on training at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG.