We supply energy for a comfortable home

Whether it is a case of traditional energy sources such as heating oil, fuel gas and natural gas, or innovative ones such as wood pellets, for example – we are attuned to the different wishes and requirements of our customers. With high product qualities and service standards that are far above average, of course.

Energy Service Act

Energy Service Act

You can find out about the effectiveness of energy efficiency measures and corresponding available offers with the help of a public list of providers kept at the Federal Office for Energy Efficiency (BfEE) at www.bfee-online.de www.bfee-online.de as well as the reports for the information of market participants published there.

You can find contact information for consumer organisations, energy agencies or similar institutions, from which you can get information about energy efficiency measures, end customer comparison profiles and, if applicable, technical specifications of energy-using appliances, at:

www.energiespartipps-oel.de/waerme www.energiespartipps-oel.de/waerme
www.energiespartipps-festbrennstoffe.de www.energiespartipps-festbrennstoffe.de