Wood pellets

Heating with wood pellets - the attractive alternative

Heating with wood pellets has long been more than just a niche market. Private customers and the agricultural sector, as well as a number of local authorities with their public institutions such as schools or parish halls, use this attractive alternative. The environmentally-friendly and regenerative fuel is produced by our partners to the highest quality standards and delivered to our customers in a trouble-free way in modern vehicles. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, heating with wood pellets is extremely convenient nowadays.

Wood pellets are cylindrical pellets, 10-30 mm in length, 6 mm in diameter, made from pure wood from our local forests. They are produced from dry and natural sawdust and wood shavings. Wood pellets are pressed without chemical additives, exclusively using the natural wood resin, under mechanical pressure.

Wood pellets are ideal for smaller heating systems of up to approx. 20 kW, in particular, due to their homogeneity as a convenient and environmentally-friendly regenerative fuel. The energy content of 2 kg of wood pellets corresponds to approx. 1 l heating oil.

Wood pellets are

  • environmentally-friendly; the combustion is CO2 neutral
  • as convenient as heating oil due to the fully automatic fuel feed
  • a local and regenerative fuel
  • not subject to eco tax and a cost-effective alternative to fossil fuels, such as gas and oil
  • standardised and subject to the strict quality criteria of EN 14961-2

Contact for wood pellets

You can find your contact and more information about wood pellets at:

www.rpellets.de www.rpellets.de
erwww.raiffeisen-bio-brennstoffe.de www.raiffeisen-bio-brennstoffe.de

Jean Pütz uses RPellets for his heating