Fuel oil

With respect to heating oil, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG can offer a broader than average range of products with excellent product characteristics.

From low-sulphur standard heating oil to fuel-saving heating oil, to our particularly environmentally-friendly bio-heating oil BonumPlus, we cover all requirements with regard to modern heating oil products and develop them consistently. Thus, you can continue to expect something more from us in the future.

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG only offers heating oil with excellent product characteristics.

AGRAVIS EL standard heating oil, low in sulphur

This modern product was originally developed specifically for oil-condensing technology. However, the benefits are now evident in all oil heating systems. Thanks to these special product characteristics, an oil-fired heating system is particularly energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly and low-maintenance.

AGRAVIS fuel-saving oil, low in sulphur

Doesn't just meet the requirements of the DIN standard; special additive packages also enhance the product characteristics in a targeted way and guarantee a problem-free use of the heating oil, even after a long period of storage. The increased thermal stability ensures fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly combustion.


The bio-heating oil of the new generation! Environmentally-friendly and fuel-efficient. This product may also contribute to reducing the demand for mineral oil, lowering greenhouse gas emissions and saving resources.

Heating oil additives

Cold protection

If heating oil tanks and pipes are not installed with frost protection, this antifreeze helps. Important: this additive combined with the heating oil delivery must be stored before the start of the winter. Mixture ratio: 1:500 L HEL