The free heat account

Heating oil purchase for clever buyers

Ease the pressure on your household budget in the future and use our payment method, which offers a lot of benefits through convenient monthly instalments by direct debit – without additional cost.

How it works:

  • We determine your annual requirements together
  • After the first delivery, you pay 50% of the due invoice amount as a one-off payment and
  • convenient monthly instalments of 1/12 of your annual heating costs
  • After 12 months, you will receive a statement in the form of an account statement, including all the deliveries and payments. If necessary, your instalments will be adjusted.

Sample calculation: (prices not up-to-date)

Your annual requirements:3,000 litres
Heating oil price 100 litres, including VAT90 €
Annual heating costs, including VAT2,700 €
One-off payment of 50% of the invoice amount must be paid immediately after the first delivery:1,350 €
Monthly instalment (1/12 of your annual heating costs):225 €