Fuel gas

Raiffeisen fuel gas: the high-output energy source for your heating

With Raiffeisen fuel gas, we are supplying a high-output energy source that is characterised, in particular, by its flexible application possibilities and its cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness.

Your benefits:


Fuel gas has a high degree of purity. It burns cleanly and without solid residue. The sulphur content is very low. Fuel gas is not soluble in water and is, therefore, particularly suitable for use in water conservation areas.


Due to the possibility of fine adjustment and the fast adaptation to altered heat requirements, gas appliances only generate as much energy as is actually required.


The large selection of different gas appliances and the diversity of the systems make it possible for you to adapt a plant optimally to the intended application. Fuel gas can be used anyway, as it is independent of piping.

Our services:

We ensure that you are reliably supplied with fuel gas by our efficient fleet of vehicles. Our range of services encompasses advice on tank systems, heating systems, new installations, and maintenance and inspection work at your plant. Our trained staff are happy to advise you on-site.

You can find detailed information at: www.raiffeisengas.de www.raiffeisengas.de