Literally nothing runs without fuel.

Our daily goal is to keep our customers mobile. Maximum reliability of supply and prices in line with the market are the basis for long-term customer relationships. We have an extensive infrastructure with modern fuel depots and efficient logistics - so that we are wherever our customers need us. Regardless of whether they are end consumers, farmers, cooperatives or dealers. In addition to high-quality diesel and petrol fuels, we also provide autogas as a particularly reasonably priced alternative fuel, as well as innovative products e.g. AdBlue® as an unpacked product in a tanker or in small containers.

Raiffeisen autogas - "refuel for barely half the price!"
Autogas is a mixture of propane and butane. The composition of propane and butane varies between the seasons. This fuel impresses with a very high energy content and has been established in the automotive industry for many years.
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AdBlue is is an additional fuel that is required in every diesel-powered HGV from Euro 4 upwards with SCR technology (selective catalytic reduction). It consists of 32.5% urea - a harmless, synthetic nitrogen compound - and of demineralised water. The composition of AdBlue® is defined in DIN 70070.
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Münster area:
Reinhard Buxtrup
AdBlue and fuel sales
Phone: 0251-682-2334
Fax: 0251-682-2534
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Hanover area:
Jürgen Woyth
AdBlue and fuel sales
Tel.: 0511-8075-3539
Fax: 0511-8075-3589
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Anyone who wants to be mobile needs fuel. We supply our customers with quality fuels and support them around the clock.

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