Raiffeisen autogas

"Refuel for barely half the price!"

Autogas is a mixture of propane and butane. The composition of propane and butane varies between the seasons. This fuel impresses with a very high energy content and has been established in the automotive industry for many years.

Impressive benefits for you with Raiffeisen AUTOGAS:

  • Much cheaper (tax-advantaged until 2018) and more environmentally-friendly than conventional petrol
  • High octane rating (approx. 110) and therefore more efficient
  • Can be deployed without any problems - either in vehicles direct from the factory or by conversion in almost all petrol vehicles
  • Easy to use - during the journey, you can, for example, switch from autogas to petrol operation
  • Available in an extensive network of petrol stations in Germany and abroad.

Raiffeisen Group petrol stations with autogas Raiffeisen Group petrol stations with autogas

You can find more detailed information and contacts at www.raiffeisen-gas.de www.raiffeisen-gas.de.

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Hanover area:
Jürgen Woyth
AdBlue and fuel sales
Tel.: 0511-8075-3539
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