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Literally nothing runs without fuel. Our daily goal is to keep our customers mobile. Maximum reliability of supply and prices in line with the market are the basis for long-term customer relationships. We have an extensive infrastructure with modern fuel depots and efficient logistics - so that we are wherever our customers need us.
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Our TECTROL lubricants stand for maximum reliability and thus secure the operating safety of machines and units. Thanks to its excellent product characteristics, TECTROL is versatile and can be used as a multi-purpose lubricant or, in particular stages of development, as a special product for sensitive areas of application. Our customer quality guarantee and a dedicated specialist advice service for innovative problem solutions are ambitious standards that we meet day after day.
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AdBlue® is an additional fuel that is required in every diesel-powered HGV from Euro 4 with SCR technology (selective catalytic reduction). It consists of 32.5% urea - a harmless, synthetic nitrogen compound - and of demineralised water. The composition of AdBlue® is defined in DIN 70070 and ISO 22241.

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AdBlue® - the clean future