Cooperation partners

Long before the energy transformation that has now begun, we recognised that many objectives can be achieved better collaboratively. For this reason, we have, in the past, entered into a who series of useful collaborations which, without exception, have proven successful in practice.

Strategic partnerships are so valuable to us because they not only create added value and increase our sales power, but also make it possible to open up new areas of business.

Some examples of our collaborations and holdings are presented below:

Behrenswerth Energieservice GmbH
The tradition-steeped Shell brand sales partner from Hilter has recently very successfully developed from a mineral oil dealer to an energy dealer with a comprehensive range of services. In 2009, it merged with RWG Osnabrücker Land eG and AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG.

Georg Piening Mineralölhandel und Energieservice GmbH & Co. KG
AGRAVIS joined the Piening-Group in October 2012. Company sites are located in Seesen, Göttingen, Bad Lauterberg/Barbis and Kassel. Piening operates its own building technology department for heating and sanitary installations besides trading in mineral oils, natural gas, wood pellets, diesel fuels, liquid gas and lubricants.

Loos Mineralölhandel GmbH
Loos Mineralölhandel has been our competent partner in the heart of the Ruhr area since 2005. With distribution points in Dortmund, Bochum and Essen, its strengths are in the heating oil end customer business in particular.

Raiffeisen Bio-Brennstoffe GmbH
With the foundation of Raiffeisen Bio-Brennstoffe GmbH, an expert contact for bio-fuels with emphasis on Raiffeisen wood pellets was established in January 2011. The company based in Münster is a collaboration of: AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG; AGRi V Raiffeisen eG; Raiffeisen Handel Service Bioenergie GmbH & Co. KG.

Raiffeisen Energie GmbH & Co. KG.
A strong group of more than 40 established partners from the cooperative, including AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG. Controlled from the headquarters in Hanover, natural gas, and from 2012 electricity, is successfully sold to private and commercial customers.

Raiffeisen Gas GmbH
Through the collaboration of Raiffeisen Hohe Mark eG and AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, a major, independent liquefied gas provider based in Dorsten and Münster emerged on 1st August 2009 in the form of Raiffeisen Gas GmbH.

As you see, we are open to strategic partnerships, in which market shares and expertise are sensibly pooled and developed for our mutual success.


Talk to us if you, like us, think that, in the context of the structural transformation of the energy sector, the future can be mastered more successfully in a strong partnership.

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