Petrol station service

Consultancy and further training

Seminars / training courses

Nowadays, with respect to their facilities, products and services, petrol stations are often uniform and thus interchangeable. Therefore, motivated and friendly employees who have received an above-average level of training represent a major opportunity to set petrol stations apart from the competition.

In this respect, we do not offer you "off-the-peg" further training, but rely exclusively on measures that are designed to meet your requirements and satisfy the needs of your employees. Whether through traditional seminars, individual coaching or practical training at the petrol station - it is worth investing in your most valuable asset. And, what is more, our further training measures are conducted exclusively by trainers who have practical petrol station experience themselves.

Petrol station operator training

In the form of intensive practical training, we prepare prospective petrol station managers/leaseholders for taking over their station and for the varied range of tasks connected to this. In addition to the efficient operational management of the different areas of business (fuel, shop, bistro, car wash and vehicle care) of a petrol station, we also deal thoroughly with topics such as professional petrol station organisation and controlling, compliance with legal requirements, human resources management, advertising and marketing, as well as petrol station technology and protection of the environment.

Marketing concepts

You want to bring more life to your car wash business, give new momentum to the shop business, or establish a completely new bistro concept? Congratulations on your decision, for it is well known that those who stand still start going backwards at some point. We would be happy to support you with your project and to be your competent advisor and source of ideas from the initial planning to the operational implementation.

Location analyses

Every investment decision in favour of the construction of a new petrol station or major renovation work should be covered by a detailed location/potential analysis. In this respect, we offer to prepare thoroughly researched analyses for you, based on tried-and-tested methodology, the latest key indicators and the experience of several decades.