About us

Construction is our passion.

This maxim is more than just a philosophy to us; it is our promise to you as our client.

As a general contractor, we have been the sound and reliable partner for construction projects within the network of Raiffeisen cooperatives and far beyond, for a number of years. With the performance capacity of a strong team and the specialist knowledge of a large agricultural concern, your construction project is in good hands right from the start.

This is always true for us:

Your satisfaction is our objective; quality is our mission. Regardless of what you would like to construct with us and where, we face your construction project with passion and expertise.

We promise you this.

  • Solution concepts

    Thinking outside the box.

    Thinking outside the box.

    It is already more than just a concept. After the consultation and the initial analysis, we start thinking laterally. Because architectural and formal requirements ultimately have to be reconciled with functionality and cost-effectiveness.

    To help your vision to take shape, we prepare the initial plans and sketches. These are discussed with you, adapted if necessary and, which is particularly important, underpinned by an initial cost estimate. Thus, you have all the information required for decision-making to hand at all times.

  • Construction planning

    Good planning means accurate construction.

    Good planning means accurate construction.

    Skilled, complete and well thought-out planning saves time and money and prevents costly modifications during construction. Here, it is important to observe various rules and not to forget your ideas and requirements at any point. After all, the aim is to complete your construction project quickly and within the framework of the calculated costs.

    Structural analysis plays an important role. This is also a fundamental element of the planning process. And just as with building services engineering, we plan this carefully and efficiently.

  • Execution of construction work

    Sleeves rolled up!

    Sleeves rolled up!

    And off we go! In addition to good preparation, the organisation of a construction site requires, above all, expertise and a lot of experience. Frequently, more than 20 trades have to be managed, in the correct sequence, and the corresponding services coordinated. The focus of our experts is on the quality of execution and the final deadline.

    You can expect the promised quality from us, with no ifs or buts.

    Even in the 21st century, construction work is essentially manual labour in the open air, in all seasons. And so that everything falls into place in the end, our experienced site managers look after your project intensively and with passion. Thus, all the information is held in the same hands and the project coordination can be adapted in a target-oriented manner.

  • Quotation

    Planned carefully, calculated precisely, accurate specifications.

    Planned carefully, calculated precisely, accurate specifications.

    It takes experience and expertise to cost out complex building projects accurately. After all, you would like to know what your project costs are and what you should expect. To this end, decisive factors have to be identified and assessed accurately at an early stage, e.g. regional conditions, such as your foundation soil.

    And so that you know exactly what you can expect from us, we provide you with precise building specifications and the associated calculation of the construction costs at the same time.

    We consider transparency and reliability to be indispensable elements of a successful collaboration.

  • Client consultation

    Competent advice.

    Competent advice.

    Planning starts with setting targets and developing concrete ideas from visions.

    Every client starts with a vision of his construction project. It is, however, important, right at the start, to adapt ideas and wishes to what is possible, in a target-oriented manner, and to provide clients with expert advice. In this way, your vision can become reality and need not remain an unfulfilled dream!

    Therefore, at the beginning:

    We actively listen, accept your assignment, analyse the situation and develop an initial concept in collaboration with you.

  • Project handover

    That's it? Far from it!

    That's it? Far from it!

    Is everything completed on time? And does everything work as planned? Is the quality right? We make sure of precisely these things. As a general contractor, we are your sole contact and will take care of the success of your construction project.

    So that you, the client, can keep your mind free for your own business.

    With the final acceptance, a performance assessment takes place, and a complex contractual relationship is settled. At this point too, we guarantee, with our experience, that you, the client, have time for what is really important – successful work with your construction project.

    Is that it now?

    No, we also take on all the accounting and documentation, of course. And if something really doesn't work, we also take care of that. After all, we are your general contractor.

  • In addition

    Developing ideas from visions.

    A construction project may, perhaps, be visualised in this way: it is like an iceberg. What we see on the surface is far from the whole story.

    As an experienced general contractor, we provide expertise and experience for your construction project. Our inter-disciplinary team of architects, civil engineers, structural engineers, technicians and administrators guarantee you: creativity for your vision, functionality for the idea and, as well as the promised passion, a sound quality and economic basis for your construction project.

    Far more than can be seen at first glance. Just like with an iceberg.

    Strategic considerations – pooling competencies.

    Every construction project involves strategic considerations. A new agricultural centre safeguards the productivity in a region, a new Raiffeisen store creates room for satisfied customers, a new commercial building ensures growth, or a new petrol station sees to a flow of traffic in the right place.

    As part of a strong and productive agricultural concern – AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG – we offer not only construction expertise and experience, regardless of what you want to build and where – but can place the pooled competencies of the concern at your disposal for your strategic deliberations.

    A general contractor for your construction project with the unique set of competencies of a large agricultural concern.

    Compliance with rules, awareness of technology.

    Nowadays, construction projects are partly governed by lengthy and complex approval procedures. Surprising constraints or time delays in the approval procedure may be expensive. Our Construction Service guides you through the jungle of regulations in advance.

    After all, service is an important part of the Construction Service – and thus of our company.

    Modern technology is also an important factor for successful and, above all, cost-effective construction projects. And so that the recognised rules of technology are observed in your project, we, as a general contractor, only work with reliable and experienced craftsmen. At the same time, we carefully ensure that it is primarily regional companies that are near to your construction project that are employed.


    The requirements for efficiency and energy conservation for sustainable buildings and facilities are rising and are now a fundamental element of a skilled planning and project development process. It is a long time since thermal insulation was just an ideal; now it is an absolute economic necessity.

    In order to be and remain competitive in the future, you need efficient and economical buildings and facilities.

    Here too, you benefit from our comprehensive service and the competence of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG. You can receive a modern, subsidised photovoltaic system, for example, in collaboration with our colleagues from the Energy Division. Terravis GmbH is happy to answer any questions relating to biogas.

    And we in the Construction Service pool these competencies of AGRAVIS AG for you and for your success, as a general contractor.


    We consider the individual abilities, the social skills and the outstanding professional skills of our employees to be the decisive factors for successful construction projects.

    We are proud that most of our employees have been in our company for many years and have thus been able to prove their skills in a number of projects.

    It is our employees' ambition that makes extraordinary solutions and services possible time after time. Thus you, the client, benefit from our passion for construction.

    That's a promise.

    The dedication and capability of our employees provides a solid foundation for your construction project and a successful collaboration.