Stall construction programme

The AGRAVIS Stall Construction Division is more than a technically high-performing provider of solutions relating to stall construction and stall equipment.

We see ourselves as a competence centre that you, as our client, can use just as much as you need to - from partial delivery/installation to complete planning

In our working relationship with our customers, we attach importance to partnership and fairness. This starts with the consultation and goes on until the invoice is issued.

We offer you top quality products and in-house developments at reasonable prices. Our 24 hour service means that you can be confident that serious problems will be solved quickly:

So that your farm can continue to run smoothly!

  • Flooring

    Concrete slats, grates like concrete slats, but made entirely from plastic (protection against feed acid corrosion), plastic grates for sows/piglets/fattening pigs with beams made from fibreglass/galvanised steel or stainless steel. With our product ranges from GRETEN and MIK, you will receive high-quality products that satisfy all your needs.

    You can also get insulation materials from us: the market leader in this respect, with the product 'Selthaan', is our partner.

  • Feeding

    Dry or liquid, simply switched on or computer-controlled, for sows, piglets or fattening pigs: we provide solutions for everything as a matter of course.

    Here, we pay particular attention to operating safety. This means both the quality of the technology and the functioning of the technology: who is not aware of the problems that a faltering feed outlet brings?

  • Slurry tank prefabricated components

    Creating a complete slurry tank in a few days: this is possible with our system of precast concrete components. As well as the fast construction time, the low costs are also worthy of remark.

    Another advantage is the neat workmanship of the parts. Levelled out, absolutely straight, are slat mats that are a piece of cake to lay; this also saves time and money.

  • Heating

    You can receive heating systems from us across the entire range: gas or oil-operated systems, wood or grain burners, mobile or stationary, heat output via hot water (e.g. Delta pipes and twin pipes, hotplates) or air ( e.g. pressure-blown, spiral ducts). As with ventilation, it is important to us to bring the expensively generated heat to the animals in an agreeable way and, as far as possible, without great losses. We will show you how this is possible with a good cost/benefit ratio.

    Remember: a major part of your success depends on appropriate heating/ventilation, as well as on the capital costs and, even more, on the operating costs.

  • Complete construction

    You, the farmer, generally no longer find the time, with today's farm sizes, to take care of the planning application, architectural and structural analysis work, building construction, provision of technology etc., or can only perform some of these tasks. Here, we can help you and provide these services for you.

  • Ventilation

    In intensive livestock farming, forced ventilation is one of the animals' basic living requirements. It is equally important to bring the fresh air and the heat generated by the heating system to the animal in an agreeable way.

    The different stall systems require different ventilation systems; however, people also have preferences for one system or the other: we ensure that your wishes are reconciled with the needs of the stall system; we do not always just favour the system that takes in most materials. Often, less complicated systems are sufficient for achieving the objective.

    Remember: a major part of your success depends on appropriate heating/ventilation, as well as on the capital costs and, even more, on the operating costs.

  • Medication

    The frequent need to give medication right on the farm raises the issue of the options for technical implementation. We offer you a wide range of options in this field: administration of the medication through dry or liquid feed and through water.

    Each of the three methods can be adopted with a variety of technical solutions, with the result that you can receive solutions that are tailored to your operational requirements as far as possible.

  • Repair service

    People generally only appreciate how important an efficient repair service is in an emergency. Particularly if this emergency takes place in the evening, at the weekend, or on a public holiday. We believe that farms of today can not afford not to buy such a service when they make their original investment. Just imagine:

    • Failure of the feed pump
    • Failure of the main engine
    • Failure of the ventilator
    • etc.

    We are confident that you will agree. Here, you can find our emergency numbers:

    • 02581 6354 0
    • 0172 5325274
    • 0172 5337902
    • 0173 7256159
    • 0172 5305539

  • Silo

    Feed must be stored in such a way that the feed remains fresh and unloads safely; it sounds simple and it is. You just have to choose the right silos and unloading technology.

    We attach the utmost importance to the achievement of these objectives.

  • Stall equipment

    Our options for realisation are as individual as your requirements. Whether you are looking for a high technical standard or an unconventional, innovative solution – the AGRAVIS Stall Construction Division works with the best suppliers and manufacturers to achieve the best possible result for you. Our focuses: pig breeding, pig rearing, pig fattening.

  • Doors

    Doors or gates for stalls: here, we offer you the original 'Allemann' range. Well considered functionality, high product quality and the optimum appearance have been constants at Allemann for many years.

    Nevertheless, there is, time and again, a need for special doors. If there is nothing suitable in the Allemann range, we will produce it for you: for example doors with stainless steel frames and plastic door leaves etc.

  • Water supply

    The water supply for the livestock must be able to satisfy an indispensable basic need. It seems quite easy to achieve this. And yet we can give you valuable advice as to how you can arrange this supply in an easy-to-install system or cost-effectively or with new technology or for cleaning water lines etc.