Commercial buildings

Raiffeisen stores

Growing needs of clients and the objective of illustrating the competence of the Raiffeisen brand necessitate the careful and optimised planning of the commercial buildings. An attractive design and strict planning and realisation of the concepts are an important prerequisite for future economic success.

The AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG Project Construction Division is your competent point of contact and provides you with advice on key considerations, such as:

  • Integration of the Raiffeisen brand into the design
  • Optimal integration and positioning of the store on the site
  • Customised access for vehicles
  • An impressive presentation of your retail competence, taking the factors of light, sales approach and a modern appearance into consideration.

From the concept to the turnkey construction, we plan and build your Raiffeisen store for you at a fixed price.

Petrol stations

Particular skills and experience are required for the construction of a modern and profitable petrol station. Our AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG Construction Service employees are available, as experienced contacts, to advise you on all the important matters:

  • Support and advice in the complex approval procedures
  • Preparation of construction plans for an optimal utilisation of the site and access for vehicles
  • Selection of the right construction materials and appropriate machinery and safety technology

We plan and construct turnkey petrol stations for you, supplemented by additional service facilities for a fixed price.