"We help the growing process". With this guiding principle, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG stands by its customers' side as a reliable partner. Incorporating this basic idea into day-to-day work and constantly redefining it is a challenging task. Over the next few years, AGRAVIS will actively help to shape changes in the market and competitive environment as well as in customer expectations. The Group is currently setting the course for future growth. Resource conservation and awareness of the right approach to the environment and nature have long been the foundations on which AGRAVIS bases its actions.

In Germany, the agricultural business with its more than four million employees plays a special role in the local economy. Because of its interconnectedness with various other economic sectors it is exposed to many different external influences and requirements. As part of the value added chain and as a leading manufacturer of animal feed, AGRAVIS is aware of its responsibility vis-à-vis the consumers, the food industry and the farmers. Economic growth can only succeed when the underlying ecological and social conditions are taken into account.

For the stated reasons, AGRAVIS will deal to an even greater extent with the issues of sustainable and responsible economic activity, will contribute in a positive and cooperative manner to implementation of the latter along the entire value added chain and will also report this to the public.

The AGRAVIS self-concept:

AGRAVIS is one of the largest and most profitable agricultural and trading firms and service providers in Germany.

  • Your core business is agriculture.
  • Customer satisfaction and high earnings are your top maxims.
  • AGRAVIS sees itself as partner in the rural area.

It acts in an integrated manner with its market partners, is internationally networked and open for partnerships and strategic alliances in order to benefit from efficiency advantages and to optimise your value added chain.

  • AGRAVIS is an attractive business for brilliant minds. It offers excellent opportunities both for experts and for entrepreneurial all-rounders. Accordingly, it considers the training and advanced training of its employees a central task.
  • It is committed to the cooperative idea and convinces both its owners from the associations and its shareholders with sustainable activities, performance and dividends.

Sustainability at AGRAVIS Sustainability at AGRAVIS