2012-2013 Reporting

Second AGRAVIS Sustainability Report

"We help to grow. Environment and responsibility" is the title of the second sustainability report of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG. The focus is on topics relevant for sustainability fro various business divisions of AGRAVIS.

The aim of the report is to report transparently and thoroughly about the company and its responsibility in respect of balanced management of economic, ecological and social aspects.

The information in the sustainability report refers exclusively to the fully consolidated German locations and companies of AGRAVIS. Apart from the original pilot topics, "Employees", "Feed" and "Energy" from the first sustainability report, the new report includes the topics of "Plants", "Water" and "Logistics".

The processes for goods flows, resources, employees, customers and general corporate conditions and challenges are reported. The reporting period covers the financial years 2012 and 2013.

Reporting takes place in agreement with the internationally recognised guideline G 3.1 of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). This standard demands prescribed information about the company and reporting profile and performance indicators in the areas of economy, ecology and social matters.

You can view and download the second sustainability report here You can view and download the second sustainability report here

Topics in the second AGRAVIS sustainability report

Goods flow Resources Employees Customers Framework conditions
& challenges
Logistics Use of raw materials (fed and seed)Workforce (including trainees)
(2012 and 2013)
Development of
feed concepts
Crisis management
Inland water transportation Origin of raw materials (feed and seed) Staff turnover Health concept
for animals
Quality management (feed & seed) Energy
(conservation measures)
Further training
& product training courses
Declaration and
information (feed
& seed)
Structural change
  Emissions Performance assessment Rapeseed sustainability study Innovative
  Water Co-determinationInput use 
  Reuse Safety at work Data protection 
  Packaging Health

Additional content has been provided for the points highlighted in green.