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Energetic, high-performance animals with AGRAVIS products

We offer you innovative, farm-specific feed concepts for pigs with our strong brands. The feed ranges feature the right solutions to meet every need for sows, piglets and fattening pigs.

Piglyx, the high-grade grubbing and lick supplement feed for pigs, promotes animals’ characteristic play and exploration behaviour and reduces stress in the pigsty.

Benefits of Piglyx:

  • Significant increase in daily growth in piglet rearing
  • Effective relief of emerging stress in the animal group (example: cannibalism)
  • Low investment and space requirements, light workload
  • Complies with applicable legal requirements for animal protection and livestock farming when combined with activity material to keep animals moving, such as a food chains
  • Fulfils the criteria for "additional organic activity material" as required within the scope of the animal welfare initiative

Find out more here: www.piglyx.info

Viable pig production is based on fast-growing animals which are able to completely fulfil their genetic potential. The Miravit product portfolio offers innovative supplement feeds that provide professional pig farmers with a range of field-tested approaches to relieve stress situations and avoid possible problems.

Find out more here: www.miravit.de

Desintec supplies hygiene products and services for agriculture. From cleaning and disinfection through to insect and rodent control, we are sure to have the right solution for your farm with our specialist products and services.

Find out more here: www.desintec.de