Milk replacers

Longevity begins in the calf barn.

Intensive calf rearing with CombiMilk and CombiKorn is the first step that positively influences the longevity of cows.

Well-functioning organs are necessary for a long life. The lungs, udder tissues and pancreas are the main priorities. The lungs need about twelve months in order to develop fully. In contrast, udder tissue and the pancreas are fully developed after just a few weeks and abnormal development can no longer be compensated by subsequent growth. That is why the foundation for the longevity of cows must already be laid in the calf barn. CombiMilk Galant Plus and CombiMilk Galant are acidified milk feeds with a 60 or 40 per cent share of low-fat milk powder. These improve the calves’ immune defence without plant-based proteins.