Commercial poultry

GoldDott – feed for chicks, pullets, laying hens

The GoldDott feed concepts provide chicks, pullets and laying hens with nutrients and active ingredients to an optimum effect. The feed concepts are matched to the animals’ different performance phases, ensuring stable egg and meat production.

The established GoldDott range for poultry is matched to the specific requirements of today's genetics. GoldDott, an Equovis GmbH brand, aims to ensure an optimal supply of nutrients and active ingredients to poultry. It is matched to the different performance phases to produce eggs and meat through efficient use of nutrients in an environmentally responsible, cost-effective way.

Equovis unites optimum feed for horses, poultry, rabbits and similar with expert consultation and exceptional agriculture knowledge.

Feeding matched to rearing stages

Feeding of chicks and pullets must be adapted to the needs of different rearing stages.

Chicks and pullets

Chicks and pullets require different nutrients depending on their age. The GoldDott feed range is targeted at specific needs and guarantees optimal nutrient supply in four stages. This makes optimum use of animal performance potential and improves operational cost-efficiency.

Feeding chicks and pullets

Laying hens

The four-stage GoldDott feed range for rearing poultry produces high-performance laying hens in all types of farming.

Feeding laying hens

  • Profi S: from point of lay, hens starting laying
  • Profi 1: from point of lay
  • Profi 2: from 32nd week of life
  • Profi 3: from 48th week of life
  • Profi 4: from 64th week of life
  • Extra Bol: to stimulate metabolism/for fatty livers
  • Extra Stabil: to stabilise performance (intestine and egg shells)

  • Landgold*: concentrated, energy-rich, from point of lay
  • Eiervollkorn*: balanced laying hen feed, from point of lay

  • Variant 50: supplement feed with 50 per cent grain
  • Variant 35: supplement feed with 65 per cent grain

VitaMiral GL 30*: Example ration: 3 per cent VitaMiral, 28 per cent soya bean meal, 7 per cent lime, 2 per cent soya bean oil, 60 per cent grain

* Also available in sacks

Ban on laying hen debeaking

The ban on debeaking is a new challenge for many laying hen farmers. Handling pullets and laying hens with their beaks intact requires a different approach to rearing and the laying stage. The aim is to achieve cost-effective egg production – good health in the flock with great vitality, consistently high laying performance and a large number of saleable eggs.

  • Adjusted feeding
  • Increased feed intake capacity
  • More measures to promote activity (peck block and Luzerne balls)

  • Use Miravit HydroLac as an electrolyte drink and Miravit AscoStabil to reduce stress before and after rehousing to stimulate the metabolism
  • GoldDott pre-laying feed
  • Coordinated transfer from rearing to the laying shed with a transfer log

  • Homogeneous feed structure
  • Functional dietary fibre
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Needs-oriented provision with nutrients, essential amino acids and necessary minerals and active ingredients
  • Measures to promote activity (peck block and Luzerne balls)

The peck block to promote activity

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