Biomühle Hamaland

Compound feed with organic quality

Organic feed is being produced in Gescher in Münsterland since 2017. Raiffeisen Hohe Mark Hamaland eG and AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG are partners in Biomühle Hamaland.

“We decided to produce organic feed here at our site in Gescher,” said Martin Duesmann-Artmann, one of the two managing directors of Biomühle Hamaland GmbH, “because we also have increased demand in this region. We also follow the sociopolitical trend towards an increasing amount of ecological products. We are seeing consistent growth in this market for the future.”

Everything strictly by the book

The supply of raw organic products and delivery of organic feed is performed strictly according to the legal requirements of the European Union. “We use only ecologically produced raw materials to manufacture organic animal feed,” explains the sales director Martin Epping. “In contrast to conventional animal feed production, the use of aids and additives is highly limited – and using genetically modified organisms or synthetic amino acids is strictly prohibited.”

Many buyers in the region

Biomühle Hamaland processes supplied grain such as wheat, rye, barley and triticale along with legumes such as field beans. This is supplemented by press cake made of flaxseed, sunflowers or rapeseed. The amount of regional buyers for the produced organic feed is growing. One of them is Jan Spliethofe from Senden in Münsterland. The farmer is now operating his parents’ farm with an organic certification, with pig fattening and arable farming. According to Spliethofe, all of the harvested products are ground at the farm and fed to the pigs. But that isn’t enough: “Because we mainly grow grain at our farm, I have to buy components such as a protein element or minerals. Since we like to buy these products regionally, based on our ecological concept, we decided on Biomühle Hamaland in Gescher.”

The organic feed production in Gescher has grown from the strategic alliance between Raiffeisen Hohe Mark Hamaland eG Raiffeisen Hohe Mark Hamaland eG and AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG. The market and the precise prerequisites for producing organic feeds at the chosen location were analysed in detail in advance. The increased demand in the region is proving them right. Some customers want compound feed, others provide the raw materials – and these are tested very thoroughly in terms of origin and quality. Certain raw materials are subjected to additional analyses for plant protection products; they are initially stored in quarantine cells and only released for production after the results have come in. Only if everything is impeccable and all of the accompanying documents are complete is the merchandise accepted at the plant. Because Biomühle is also subject to strict controls by official inspection facilities, which in turn are monitored by the state-run supervisory authorities of the federal states. “Based on the legal provisions regarding organic feed production,” the sales director Martin Epping explains, “we can guarantee that we have a certified production chain from the cultivation of the raw materials to the finished product in retail.”

Full-liners for organic farmers

What is decisive in the end is that anything labelled “organic” also has organic contents and that customers can rely on this. Because the amount of customers is increasing, Martin Epping reports happily. “The farmers in the region,” he said, “welcomed us with open arms. They’re glad that a new provider for organic compound feed has settled in this region, along with a new marketing partner for their produced grain or legumes.” And the managing director Martin Duesmann-Artmann adds: “We see ourselves as full-liners for our customers. In other words, we offer not only the organic animal feed but also everything that is needed for organic arable farming.” For farmers like Jan Spliethofe and his organic farm in Senden, this is a real benefit. “With Biomühle Hamaland,” he summarises, “I have a competent partner by my side who helps me with all my questions. This is a valuable aid for me, because as an ecological operation, I can’t just call any dealer and get the components I need for my organic pig fattening from just anywhere. With Biomühle Hamaland, I have a strong team by my side.”