In our Animals business segment, we work with farmers and supply them with feedstuffs, mineral feed and hygiene products.

Our Animals business segment includes the three segments of Compound feed Compound feed, Special feedstuff products Special feedstuff products and Animal health. At 15 local concentrated feed factories and affiliated companies, more than 4 million tonnes of compound feed were produced in 2014. The fact that AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG produces feedstuffs for all livestock animals makes it a complete provider.

AGRAVIS' production of approximately 1.5 million tonnes of pig compound feed pig compound feed and its market share of 15% mean it is Germany's leading manufacturer in this market. It is also one of the market's leading providers in the segment of Cow compound feed Cow compound feed and Poultry feed Poultry feed.

Another major component of AGRAVIS' portfolio is its indvidualised advice service for farmers advice service for farmers, which enables it to offer tailored, target-oriented hygiene concepts hygiene concepts. In addition, the company has a growing range of veterinary medicinal products, which are produced and sold both in Germany and other countries.