• Complete feed

    Yield the winner

    The Olympig complete feed range is all about a concept that provides for every need, whether it's sows, piglets or fattening pigs. Fertility, the feed conversion ratio, daily weight increases, and the proportion of muscle meat are the most important success factors here.

  • Feed supplement

    Piglyx - the rooting and licking block for pigs

    Piglyx - the rooting and licking block for pigs

    Piglyx is a high-quality feed supplement designed for pigs to lick and root in. The block consists of dehydrated molasses, vegetable fat and mineral nutrients, and is made using a unique production method that includes a patented cooking process.

    Benefits of Piglyx:

    • It is very good at preventing and alleviating cannibalism.
    • It reduces stress that can occur among a group of animals effectively.
    • The special recipe and unique form in which it is supplied ensure it keeps pigs occupied for a long period of time.
    • It meets the current legal requirements regarding activity laid down in the German Animal Welfare and Livestock Husbandry Regulation.
    • It is low in cost, takes up little space and requires little time on the part of staff.

  • Feed supplement

    Optimises on-site

    This traditional AGRAVIS brand is celebrating its 40th birthday with a new design and stands out because of its many innovations. One of Germany's oldest pig feed brands, for many successful pig producers, Fisopan is the most important ingredient pig feed recipes after their own grain.

    While the brand's traditions have never been neglected, a number of new items and innovations have been incorporated. Under the slogan "Fisopan à la carte", AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG has revised its feed supplement product range for pigs and adapted it to meet the requirements of modern genetics in a future-oriented manner. The aim of this was to be able to guarantee farmers conception resulting in very high yields while using nutrients very efficiently. For special situations that occur in pig production, our feed specialists have developed some new, innovative products that have a specific effect.

  • Mineral feed

    The formula for performance

    In terms of the yields they produce, the animals in your stalls, sties or cages are high-performance athletes. However, they are only able to achieve top performances if they have access to feed developed specially to produce these. Along with an optimal supply of energy, amino acids and correctly proportioned mineral nutrients and active agents form the basis of animals that are strong, willing and energetic. What is important is to make sure you select "your" mineral feed, because the conditions vary from farm to farm. The Vitamiral concept offers the right mineral feed for every farm - including yours.

  • Vitalisation and revitalisation

    Vital nutrients for prevention and support

    Only healthy animals are able to produce high yields. To help your animals along a bit and prevent and combat problems, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG has developed the Miravit product range in conjunction with its partners which are cooperatives.

  • By-products

    Cost-effective and need-based

    Monitored by-products from the food manufacturing industry.

  • Hygiene management

    The Desintec hygiene concept

    helps to make farms more efficient and profitable by reducing diseases and chains of infection.
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