EuroTier 2018

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG active for your customers

The world's largest trade fair for professional animal farming, EuroTier 2018, took place on the trade fair grounds in Hanover between 13 and 16 November 2018. AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG and its affiliate TerraVis GmbH exhibited their new products at the show.

AGRAVIS presented its integral strategies for the feedstuffand animal hygiene segment at its stand of around 370 square metres at EuroTier 2018.

Innovative concepts such as feeding the future provide more sustainable, more environmentally friendly feed for pigswithout increasing production or consumer costs. Eco-Efficiency Manager for Pigs was showcased at the trade fair. This AGRAVIS tool can be used to compare different feed mixes for pigs in terms of their ecological and economic impact. AGRAVIS also offered viable answers already used in practice for cattleand poultry farmers , which it presented at EuroTier.

Export section expanded

The export section increased in size on the AGRAVIS exhibition stand in 2018, where the group’s new start-up was also presented: AGRAVIS produces feedstuff for fish such as trout, salmon trout, carp, sturgeon and marine species under its Pescavis brand.

The strong brands in the special feed sector Desintec, Miravit and Crystalyx were also showcased with new approaches and a further developed services portfolio. These advancements focused on improvements to hygiene conditions in animal sheds and strengthening vitality to increase animal well-being. The subject of Staple feed shortage played an important role for the Crystalyx brand. The successful silage brand Biocool, which was also celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018, was also on display.

AGRAVIS also exhibited 20 solutions for increasing digitisation, such as the farming portal myfarmvis, the feedstuff order app IQ-Feed and the digital consultation toolCrystalyx Analytics programto calculate the cost-effectiveness of using Crystalyx.

Other trade fair stands

The AGRAVIS subsidiary for animal health products, Livisto Group GmbH and the subsidiary and affiliated companies Höveler and Hamburger Leistungsfutter also exhibited at the EuroTier trade fair in Hanover.


The EnergyDecentral trade fair took place at the same time as EuroTier. The biogas brand TerraVis welcomed visitors at this trade fair. TerraVis offers your customers packaged expertise from fields and silos through to fermenters and energy production.