New Holland methane gas tractor

Machines such as the methane gas tractor from New Holland could be the future: running on methane gas instead of diesel or petrol, they cut exhaust emissions and reduce costs.

The methane gas tractor is still a priority

Presentation of initial results at Agritechnica 2017

For Agritechnica 2017 Agritechnica 2017, New Holland will present initial results of an experiment that drew a great deal of interest in the industry: a practical test with a methane gas tractor. In October 2016, the blue New Holland methane power tractor was used on German soil for the first time for a customer of the AGRAVIS subsidiary New-Tec Vertriebsgesellschaft für Agrartechnik mbH New-Tec Vertriebsgesellschaft für Agrartechnik mbH in Peine .

Intensive practical testing of tractor

The T6.180 has so far been launched in Italy, France, the UK and Germany. In less than a day, New-Tec equipped the tractor to meet local needs, adjusted the compressed air system and fitted the hitch block. Horst Seide, president of the German Biogas Association and operator of two biogas plants as well as four biogas petrol stations, then put the tractor through its paces for five weeks in Dannenberg.

Fuelling the New Holland methane gas tractor “Since then I have been asked to speak on the initial findings of the practical trials many times,” reveals Klaus Senghaas, Communications Manager at New Holland. Having already paid visits to the Biogas Association and the TFZ Technology and Support Centre for renewable raw materials in Straubing, he will be addressing Norla, the north German agricultural trade fair, in September.

Methane gas tractor well received by farmers

“What’s important to us is making sure farmers get on with the tractor. The test in Dannenberg proved the tractor works extremely well,” says Senghaas, summing up the initial findings. New-Tec staff in Peine have provided services to help the development take a small but critical step forward.

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