AGRAVIS Technik Group is investing

Growth for a bright future: sites are being modernised, expanded and built from scratch.

AGRAVIS Technik Group is investing in the future

Quality of Technik locations is rising

In the tough environment of the German agricultural machinery market, the AGRAVIS Group consistently pursues a strategy of growth for its technology business field technology business field. The Group invests in enhancements, new directions, collaborations and, in particular, the quality of its Technik locations – true to the slogan ‘Service is our field’.

In the past five years, a total of €59.2 million has been invested. “We are clearly aiming for expansion,” emphasises Gerd Schulz, Managing Director of AGRAVIS Technik Holding, which draws together the Technik companies. The willingness to invest has remained strong in 2017: as the machines get bigger, the demands of customers grow.

The new Brakel location of AGRAVIS Technik Lenne-Lippe GmbH

For employees and clients of AGRAVIS Technik Raiffeisen GmbH AGRAVIS Technik Raiffeisen GmbH, for example, the relocation within Bockenem in the autumn of 2016 meant significant added quality, especially in the area of large-scale machinery for the beet campaign. The harvesting associations supported by AGRAVIS Technik in Bockenem drive their four-metre beet lifters into a workshop with a roof height of 5.50 metres for maintenance and repairs. The fitters have a workshop with a surface area of 800 square metres.

New location looks to the future

While AGRAVIS Technik Raiffeisen GmbH relocated within Bockenem, AGRAVIS Technik Lenne-Lippe GmbH AGRAVIS Technik Lenne-Lippe GmbH moved to a brand new location spanning almost 20,000 square metres on the Rieseler Feld industrial estate in Brakel in early summer, 2017, after a construction period of just 10 months. The new building is another highly modern branch of Technik designed for maximum efficiency to meet every need of customers, suppliers and employees while accommodating the challenges of the future.

Overall, AGRAVIS will invest some €6.25 million in its agricultural machinery locations in 2017.