myfarmvis: The agriculture portal

Digitisation of processes, documents and information – with the new "myfarmvis" agriculture portal, AGRAVIS can offer its customers digital support with their day-to-day operations.

myfarmvis: Digital added value for AGRAVIS customers

Mapping of agricultural operating procedures in a portal

Digital transformation has long been a part of modern agriculture and offers huge potential in the future for agriculture, farmers, contractors and cooperatives. With its new agriculture portal "myfarmvis", AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG offers added value for its customers – by digitising processes, documents and information. Version 1.0 will be unveiled at the AGRAVIS stand H 54, Hall 15 at Agritechnica Agritechnica in Hanover in November 2017.

myfarmvis agriculture portal

Structured mapping of operating procedures

In 'myfarmvis', farmers can map their operating procedures on a portal and structure them efficiently for further planning. With just one click, they can access support information. Customers can also configure the portal to suit their individual interests.

For instances where farmers contact AGRAVIS directly via the Group's agricultural centres and Technik companies Technik companies, the portal also offers tangible benefits: it is both a tool for digitally managing their operating procedures and an information platform. They only have to log in once and can transfer transaction data for their own management systems automatically. Customers of the AGRAVIS Technik companies can digitally visualise their machine fleet and manage it online, arrange the next workshop appointment or transfer machine data to the workshop. Customers retain full control over their own data. They decide who can see what.

Direct display of invoices, credit notes and individual contacts

An important function is the document view, which displays the user's latest invoices and credit notes on the start page. Users can also see their individual contacts on the start page. A news feed provides interest-based news for the user. The start page also shows current event information which is specifically tailored to the user's interest selection.