Pure agricultural machinery at one of Germany's largest in-house exhibitions

The AGRAVIS Technik in-house exhibition attracts numerous visitors whenever it takes place. This popular event showcases machines, digital platforms, precision farming and fertilising machines.

The XXXLandtechnik-Tage trade fair on the premises in Meppen-Versen is one of the largest in-house exhibitions in Germany. This fair specialises in new and second used farm machinery. The visitor turnout in 2019 was huge: more than 30,000 people flocked to the AGRAVIS Technik grounds over the weekend. AGRAVIS Technik Münsterland-Ems GmbH, AGRAVIS Technik BvL GmbH, the second used farm machinery specialist AGRAVIS Technik Center GmbH and TecVis GmbH (motor tools and municipal machinery) presented more than 800 machines over two days.

Precision farming and the AGRAVIS rental fleet in great demand

Visitors were interested, first and foremost, in the exhibited machines and the digital platforms which AGRAVIS offers. Fertilising machinery also attracted interest: application or transport drums or spreader machinery such as the trailing shoe system are much in demand. Also very popular: precision farming and the AGRAVIS rental fleet portal. The portal helps customers to cope with peaks in their workload on a flexible basis. This is evident from machine rental on the portal, especially the newly introduced telescopic loaders.

Programme for trade visitors and families

The XXXLandtechnik-Tage fair is not only aimed at trade specialists and those interested in the machinery, but also families. Visitors can view the wide variety of exhibited agricultural machinery and enjoy a varied supporting programme accompanying the main exhibition.