Auction platform

Buy second used farm machinery by auction online

AGRAVIS Technik places all its used agricultural machinery on sale on its online auction platform The site has established itself as one of the leading online auction platforms for second used farm machinery on the internet.

The online tool

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG and BayWa AG have operated the online auction platform for used agricultural machinery,, together since 2013. The matured online tool is a key platform for selling used farm machinery for both BayWa and AGRAVIS. In years gone by, has established itself as a leading online auction platform for second used farm machinery on the internet. The target group addressed by the range is large and ranges from hobby farmers to full-time professionals with a large machine fleet.

Every auction at ab-auction begins simply with a starting price and has an auction end. The bidder can purchase the machine as soon as the bidding period has expired and no-one has placed a higher bid. The last few minutes of the auction are particularly exciting: should a user bid in the last 60 seconds, the auction is extended by another minute.

Personal login area

Other functions include the personal "my account” log-in area, where users can see their bids and purchased machines at a glance. All users can now also watch machines and these are also visible in "my account".


The website is optimised for all mobile devices. Users can also make live bids on the ab-auction app and receive updates on auction news. Key information is available as push messages on a tablet or smartphone. The bidder does not incur any auction fees, unlike on other portals. Besides the auction area, there is also a "purchase area", where users can purchase machines instead of bidding on them and can also negotiate the price. is available from app stores

Physical auction

Physical auctions

On 18 November 2004, the first joint auction at AGRAVIS in Meppen marked the start of a successful partnership between AGRAVIS and Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers. The interest from potential customers was great from the beginning, with some 500 sales items easily sold to their purchasers. After many successful auctions on the AGRAVIS premises, the auction grew steadily and interest in second used farm machinery continues to grow today. Meppen now hosts Europe's largest auction for agricultural equipment at a fixed venue.

No restrictions

Experts and customers appreciate the unrestricted auctions where no limits are imposed on pricing – there are no minimum or reservation prices. The machines are driven past bidders in an exhibition hall, international prospective buyers see the bids on electronic displays and the auctioneer leads them through the auction in English and German.

Free registration

Bidders/buyers need to register beforehand, free of charge, to participate in the auction. You will find further details here.