AGRAVIS Group Draws Positive Conclusions from EuroTier 2014

Dirk Bensmann, Management Board member of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, regards EuroTier, which comes to an end in Hanover on Friday (14/11), as impressive proof of agriculture's punching power and inventiveness. So far, more than 100,000 visitors have taken advantage of the past three trade fair days to obtain information about the latest developments relating to animal production and management, about the potential of modern animal husbandry as well as about technology and genetics.

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"It never fails to impress me how creative ideas turn into practical solutions", Bensmann said on the fringes of the event. 2,360 exhibitors from 49 countries visited the capital of Lower Saxony – figures that show how important the trade fair is to international business.

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AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG also used the meeting in Hanover as a platform for presenting the Group'sextensive portfolio extensive portfolio. Thus, not only numerous new products were presented at the stand – customers can obtain comprehensive concepts tailored to them and their company from AGRAVIS. "We meet our customers on an equal footing. We want to help them not just in one place, but in as many places as possible so that they can be successful in economic terms", Bensmann emphasized. The trade fair presentations were therefore deliberately geared to intensive dialogue between the Raiffeisen cooperatives, their customers and the AGRAVIS production consultants. The AGRAVIS presentation focused on products and consultancy relating to hygiene in animal husbandry hygiene in animal husbandry, feeding feeding and animal health.

In addition, the AGRAVIS Group also demonstrated, during EuroTier, what it has to offer as an employer employer. "We had many high-quality discussions and also received a number of direct applications", Eva-Maria Sebbel, Spokesperson for Personnel Marketing at AGRAVIS, reports. Pupils, students, graduates and experienced skilled workers were able to find out about entry opportunities such as internships, trainee programmes and open posts.

EnergyDecentral EnergyDecentral, which is taking place in parallel, covers, up to Friday evening (14/11), the entire breadth of technological developments in the field of bioenergy, renewable energy and technology relating to the local energy supply. AGRAVIS was represented there with a stand featuring its biogas brand TerraVis TerraVis. Those responsible were likewise very pleased with how the trade fair had gone. "The intensive discussions with visitors showed that, to optimize the plants, we need to talk and act", says Dr Philipp Spinne, Sales Manager at TerraVis. He added that it had therefore proved to be right for TerraVis, together with AGRAVIS divisions, to have attended to issues like process optimization and direct marketing of electricity in existing plants at a very early stage. A total of 350 exhibitors from Germany and abroad were represented at EnergyDecentral.

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