Pasture management

High basic feed performance is a "must"

The often overlooked potential should be increased in the interest of:

  • healthy animals,
  • better nutrition exploitation,
  • greater economy and
  • better area utilisation

gehoben werden.

Prerequisite is a high performance pasture due to:

  • target-oriented management adapted to the root (fertilisation, maintenance, weed control)
  • we provide tips and, together with you, develop strategies for your operation,
  • usage of high quality, recommended varieties and types from the Plantinum programme guarantee grower progress as in case of agricultural cultures.

More information available or in our brochure.

The second very important pillar of basic feed production is the silage maize. Here, it is important to select the correct usage type and the correct variety. We individually check within the regions and recommend and provide you with a qualified variety portfolio.