Future Day: Great interest in farm machinery

It’s called Future Date, Girls or Boys Day. But despite the various names, this day is based on the same idea: letting students get a feel for the professional world for a day. This will help adolescents select the right job later. The company locations of AGRAVIS Techniken Münsterland-Ems and BvL gave many adolescents an idea of the daily work at an agricultural machine dealership.

In North-Rhine Westphalia, mostly girls were interested in the job of a mechatronic technician for agricultural machines – but at the locations in Lower Saxony, more boys got a sense of the daily work. There is a lot to do at these farm machinery locations, particularly in spring. The boys and girls could find this out for themselves. With full physical involvement, they helped the installers finish a forage harvester for the grass harvest, for example, or spruce up a used machine for resale.

The day was a lot of fun for all participants. The short but very in-depth glimpse into the professional world has certainly helped some of them follow the path that is best for them personally in the future. AGRAVIS Technik thanks all participants for their motivated cooperation and their interest in the company.

A total of 15 boys attended the Future Day at the Meppen location of AGRAVIS Technik BvL and AGRAVIS Technik Münsterland Ems. Heinz Pott, the second used farm machinery workshop manager, was very pleased by the high interest.

The participant of the Boys Days in Bersenbrück showed interest in a forage harvester and gave the master mechanic Mario Vocke some assistance.

Three boys helped Manfred Hemelt and Daniel Kühlenborg with their tasks in Emsbüren.

Three girls got hands-on experience in Olfen. Of course it’s not complete without a "poser photo".

Girls Day was also held in Gronau-Epe, where a girl participated in the workshop. She helped Hermann Spechtel finish a forage harvester.

In Ascheberg a female and a male student helped the workshop team.

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