2 become 1: raiffeisenmarkt24.de becomes raiffeisenmarkt.de

Technically at the cutting-edge, optimised for smartphones and featuring a large Advice section and an intuitive location search for Raiffeisen Markets Raiffeisen Markets in the region, the new website raiffeisenmarkt.de raiffeisenmarkt.de offers tremendous added value for customers. The website for the online shop, raiffeisenmarkt24.de, and the site for information about Raiffeisen Markets, raiffeisenmarkt.de, have merged into one.

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The new combined website offers customers even more information, product images and videos relating to the 12,000 articles in the categories Garden, Home and Farm, Pets, Horse Riding, Textiles and Shoes and Hobby Farming. "We are delighted that we now have a platform where all the information and products can be displayed together. We can now take advantage of the existing synergies," explains Christoph Roer-Link, Managing Director of Raiffeisen Webshop GmbH & Co. KG. He explains that the new software behind the website allows each page to be structured individually. This means everything can be creatively customised.

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Each product category is described in detail and illustrated with photo galleries. For example, if a customer wants to order treats for his four-legged friend, he learns at the same time why this supplementary feed is important from an educational point of view. "Our customers now have a closer understanding of the products and can obtain faster, clearer information before purchasing," explains Herbert Möller, Managing Director of Raiffeisen Webshop GmbH & Co. KG. With this relaunch, the Raiffeisen Market team are supporting the omnichannel strategy of the Raffeisen Markets, in which all sales channels are networked. "This is an essential step in order to strengthen and streamline our online presence, as well as an important strategy in the pursuit of increasing sales and revenues," states Herbert Möller.

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