Moderate silage qualities specifically amended

The difficult conditions in grass silage production grass silage production on a regional level this year have often resulted in excessively high crude fibre content and low sugar content. Silage maize has also been harvested with excessively high dry matter and crude fibre contents due to the dry, hot late summer. This has meant reduced energy content in silage overall. AGRAVIS provides valuable tips for increasing quality.

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The time that intake is retained in the digestive tract increases, so animals eat less. Consequently, they ingest less energy. This situation presents a tough challenge in terms of deciding on the composition of rations. Suitable countermeasures need to be taken without detracting from animal health and output.

Crystalyx works

Due to the active principle of Crystalyx Crystalyx the activity and number of rumen microbes increases. They produce more volatile fatty acids, which present an important energy source for the ruminants. The retention time of the feed in the digestive tract is also reduced. Subsequently the staple feed intake is increased by an average of 5 to 10 per cent with corresponding higher energy intake.

Licking stimulates rumen buffering

Crystalyx contains a high portion of dehydrated (drained) molasses and vegetable fats. The high sugar and energy content resulting from this accommodates for the limited sugar content in many grass silages. The energy value of 200 grams of this supplement feed alone complies with a calculative performance increase of 0.5 kilograms of milk. Additionally, the constant licking stimulates the saliva production and thereby the rumen buffering.

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