The apprentice has become the "trainer"

Simon Wagner is no longer "the new person". Since August, the 17 year old is in his second apprenticeship year to become a process technologist in the mill and feedstuff economy, in short: miller. This occupation has been around since the middle ages and the young man is studying it in the compound feed plant of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG in Münster.

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The second apprenticeship year means: more responsibility and also a new role within AGRAVIS. Simon Wagner is now no longer a student, but also a bit of a teacher. And this is for Enes Batuhan Tekeloglu, the new miller apprentice in his first apprenticeship year who is taking his first steps in his professional life in the compound feed plant in Münster.

The younger is the "old hand"

At 20 years old, Enes Batuhan Tekeloglu is three years older than Simon Wagner, however Wagner is even now the "old hand". "I think it is cool. I am now teaching someone else something," explains Wagner. They both get along well and have a lot of fun together. Enes Batuhan Tekeloglu does not have a problem with allowing someone younger to explain something to him: "Quite simply, he has been here longer and knows it all."

Assuming responsibility

In the first week, the new apprentice was en route a lot with Simon Wagner, for example at a ship unloading. "There, I explained to him how to deal with the skid steer loader. That is a strong tool, there is a lot of power behind it," said Simon Wagner. When training someone, you must assume responsibility, that is part of your task: "I have not let him out of my sight, I stood next to him the whole time. If he does something wrong, I will have a problem." As a trainee in the second apprenticeship year, Simon senses that he is now a level up.

Explain instead of command

Meanwhile, Simon Wagner and Enes Batuhan Tekeloglu now meet more accidentally if they are working in the same department. Then it could be that Simon Wagner would have to tell the elder but in apprentice years younger Enes Batuhan Tekeloglu what he would need to do. The 17 year old even deals with that well: "I do not use imperatives. I explain a lot to him, and if he does something wrong, then I say: no, not like that. And then I show him again."

"The technical guidance from an apprentice colleague naturally does not replace the instruction of the trainer," explains Knut Fischer, Manager of the Apprenticeships at AGRAVIS Apprenticeships at AGRAVIS. "But the experienced apprentice naturally supports even the trainer on site – two is better than one."

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