AGRAVIS supported the choice of Münster's Footballer of the Year

The presentation ceremony for Münster’s Footballer of the Year took place on Wednesday (22nd June). AGRAVIS was active as a partner in this initiative once more and offered its own AGRAVIS FairPlay prize. The prize, worth 500 euro, went to SC Münster 08 this year.

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As part of the last day of play in the juniors’ season, the team quickly organised free typing for the German Bone Marrow Donor Centre (Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei, DKMS). This initiative resulted in 73 new donator registrations for the DKMS. In addition, private donations and a donation from the team resulted in a total of €3,000 euro being transferred to a donations account. The team did more than enough to earn the prize.

In addition, the three winners in the vote for Münster's Footballer of the Year were presented with their prizes. The winner this evening was Tini Dircks from Wacker Mecklenbeck ahead of Torben Bucksteeg from Blau-Weiß Aasee, and Jonas Wiethölter from BSV Roxel. A total of 4,443 valid votes were counted.

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