Drone demonstration at the AGRAVIS Field Day

A drone shoots small white balls around: It looked like an attack from aliens, but it attracted many visitors to the AGRAVIS research farm in Münster St. Mauritz on 9th June: During the field day, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG demonstrated, amongst other things, the use of what is known as a hexacopter to combat European corn borers by biological means – a pest which damages the stability of corn.

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Boring into the corn can also promote the growth of fungal infections. The small helicopter with six propellers hovered very quietly over the maize field and deposited small white balls in which eggs of the ichneumon wasp (trichogramma brassicae) are resting. "The ichneumon wasp is the natural enemy of the European corn borer. Using it in fields with a pest infestation is an alternative to chemical crop protection", explained crop cultivation sales consultant Reinhold Wintergalen during the event. "Application using a hexacopter is considerably easier compared to distributing it via hand. The remote-controlled assistant can cover up to ten hectares in an hour."

In addition, visitors to the AGRAVIS Field Day also had the opportunity to obtain information about various trials on a trial plot with an area of approximately 23 hectares. The AGRAVIS advisers provided answers to questions posed by the farmers. Systematic scientific trials with winter rape, winter barley, winter wheat, maize, and catch crop mixtures are used to check regional, practical fertilisation, and crop protection strategies and are accurately explained during the tour. Effects of individual steps can be assessed, determined, and evaluated in a direct comparison. More than 250 farmers, contractors, and interested parties took the opportunity to gain an insight into the trials and to ask questions to the experts on site. Symptoms are assessed directly on the plant and features of varieties are explained in detail – recommendations for action in stock management and the corresponding use of technology are also included.

On tours of fields, questions and conclusions from the various trials are explained and discussed. In direct comparisons – plot to plot – trade visitors were able to directly follow individual handling steps for the plants.

Alongside the plants, both the choice and the correct use of the relevant resource and cultivation method also play an important part. Representatives from AGRAVIS Technik Saltenbrock GmbH presented selected fertilisation and crop protection technologies.

Everything regarding the AGRAVIS Field Days and further dates can be found here here.

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