Henhouse: When heat becomes a stress factor

Rising temperatures are not just a problem for people, but also for animals: In order for poultry to remain calm during hot conditions, operations management must take preventative steps to ensure that the animals are not exposed to extremely stressful situations. "For poultry, heat means pure stress that animals cannot compensate for on their own", says Andre Stevens, Product Manager for Poultry at the AGRAVIS subsidiary VitaVis VitaVis GmbH.

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"For this reason, antioxidant substances that are lacking and used electrolytes that can counteract stress must be permanently provided during hot periods." The so-called fitness concept developed to promote vitality and health in the animals in such moments aims to steer unavoidable stress situations into something much more controllable. The key aspect is a strong immune system, which prevents animals from suffering irreversible heat damage to the cardiovascular system. The liquid supplement feed Miravit Ascostabil from AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG contains high doses of Vitamin C and polyphenols, which can be introduced via drinking water.

Electrolytes and energy for metabolism

The fitness concept also allows for supplementation of electrolytes and energy to speed up the whole metabolism. "The supply of electrolytes and energy means the water balance in the organism and muscle activity in the cardiovascular system is supported", said Andre Stevens. This development is supported by the effervescent Miravit Hydrolac G tablet as it compensates for electrolyte loss and acts as a buffer substance for the pH value in the animal's blood.

Important management factors

Of course, as well as this special fitness principle, management factors also play a part and greater focus is required on these during hot periods: these include, for example, a stable climate in the henhouse and special feed. "Farmers must pay attention during such days to ensure that poultry is not affected by the effects of heat", says Andre Stevens.

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