Münster’s association of industrial companies (Industriegemeinschaft Münster, IGM) held a meeting at the Mühlenhof

Top representatives of member companies within Münster’s association of industrial companies Münster’s association of industrial companies took stock of activities during a meeting at the Mühlenhof. At the same time, a roadmap was drawn out for the coming months. Currently, AGRAVIS chairman of the Managing Board Dr Clemens Große Frie and Wolfgang Fritsch-Albert (Westfalen AG) act as speakers of the Münster’s association of industrial companies. Economic interest in the group is great: The number of member companies climbed from 10 to 17 within a year.

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One of the key objectives is to continue the communication campaign that was started in 2015 with higher intensity. The launch of a common Internet presence was one of the main components of the campaign last year - trainees from the member companies presented their favourite product from their own company with the title "Products Made in Münster". In the future individual communication channels should be more specifically aligned to the target groups that are to be addressed. For example, the trainees within the company should be actively included if the intention is to attract future trainees.

During the In|du|strie-Drachenboot-Cup, which first took place in 2015, the harbour became a happy boulevard for family members and colleagues of members in the 33 teams who gave everything when out on the water whilst battling for victory in glorious sunshine. Hundreds of enthusiastic spectators cheered on determined participants whilst also having the opportunity to obtain information regarding the various member companies from several promotion stands. The next In|du|strie-Drachenboot-Cup takes place on 27th August at the Münsteraner Innenhafen. Teams from industrial companies within Münster will be there once again. In addition, Münster’s association of industrial companies also permitted a team from Westfalenfleiß GmbH to participate in this sporting event.

Münster’s association of industrial companies has currently grown to include 17 member companies and a support member. New companies include Aenova, Armacell, Compo, Dermasence, Stadtwerke Münster, Trelock, and Winkhaus. The other members are: Agravis, BASF, Firmengruppe Brück, Hengst Automotive, Remondis, Schlatter, Siemens, Stricker, Unternehmensgruppe Aschendorff, Westfalen Gruppe. The support member is Westfalenfleiß. Continued expansion of the membership circle is desired in order to improve awareness of Münster’s association of industrial companies whilst also becoming even more capable with regard to implementation of future projects.

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