Start of the 2016 joint Raiffeisen stores conference

“Future Through Values” is the theme for this year’s joint conference of the Raiffeisen stores Raiffeisen stores. AGRAVIS subsidiary Terres Marketing + Consulting GmbH Terres Marketing + Consulting GmbH invited its franchise partners to attend the conference, held in Hanover on 16 and 17 February.

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The 2016 joint conference will highlight the consumer’s increasing focus on values, a subject which will come under discussion from the retail experts at the Designhotel Wienecke XI in Hanover, the capital city of Lower Saxony. Eminent speakers will give advice and information about the values influencing customers today and how the retail trade can use the trend to its own benefit. Discussions will also take in environmental topics such as sustainability, along with the subjects of social values and quality of life.

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