VOVIS went deerstalking with Chris Balke

Everything at the car dealership of VOVIS Automobile GmbH VOVIS Automobile GmbH in Dülmen was set for hunting on Thursday night (24 September): Around 70 huntsmen and friends of hunting had followed the call to get to know Germany's most well-known professional hunter and sole full-time bloodhound handler Chris Balke.

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Chris Balke gave a lecture on "Behaviour after the shot", provided exciting insights into his activity as professional tracking down wounded game and gave many practical hints during the subsequent exchange with the visitors.

During the event, VOVIS Automobile GmbH also presented the VW Group's large range of vehicles. Special requirements have to be met especially when vehicles are used for hunting: Amarok and Touareg are for example excellently suited for off-road use. Caddy and Amarok are offered with Seikel chassis, towing hitch, dog crates and further special equipment for hunters such as luggage compartment lining or coating.

Chris Balke inspired with his entertaining lecture and the subsequent talks, while VOVIS convinced guests with its wide portfolio that also caters for hunting enthusiasts.

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