AGRAVIS: Total investment in 2014 reached a record high

The AGRAVIS Group invests tens of millions every year in order to increase the performance and speed of its around 400 locations, to optimise processes and to expand the business to new areas. For example, in 2014 more than euro 92 million was invested. "More than ever before," underlines the CEO Dr. Clemens Große Frie.

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New building for the builders' merchant Theodor Elbers GmbH & Co KG in Münster-AmelsbürenAGRAVIS: Total investment in 2014 reached a record high 
New building for the builders' merchant Theodor Elbers GmbH & Co KG in Münster-Amelsbüren

At the same time, the investment total exceeds depreciations by almost 90 percent. "This shows the performance capacity and foresight," stresses the CEO of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG.

In the financial year 2015, around euro 75 million is to be used for expanding and growing the Group. This time the investment total will also considerably exceed the depreciations. "This underlines our sustained desired to grow," explains Dr. Clemens Große Frie.

Münsterland locations

The AGRAVIS locations and those of its subsidiaries in Münsterland also profited from the investments: a large project that was started back in 2013 was the new construction of Baustoffhandlung Theodor Elbers GmbH & Co. KG Baustoffhandlung Theodor Elbers GmbH & Co. KG in Amelsbüren near Münster. Several million was invested in this.

The AGRAVIS Technik Saltenbrock GmbH AGRAVIS Technik Saltenbrock GmbH, a company of AGRAVIS Technik-Holding AGRAVIS Technik-Holding, wants to build a new location in Ladbergen this year, because there was no more room for development in Lengerich. AGRAVIS Technik Münsterland GmbH AGRAVIS Technik Münsterland GmbH is also getting a new location in Coesfeld. Investments for these two technology locations are in the millions.

The Group head offices of AGRAVIS in Münster is also being extended – again with an investment of millions. In addition there are investments in the millions every year for new approvals in the area of veterinary medicine. This division of AGRAVIS resides in the Animedica Group Animedica Group domiciled in Senden.

Farmers from Münsterland and the neighbouring Ruhrgebiet area are the target group that AGRAVIS wants to reach with its nutrient plant in Dorsten. Tens of millions are being spent here on a solution for using excess commercial liquid manure. "We want to expand this concept to other processing regions as well," says Große Frie about the pilot project in the former biogas plant biogas plant in Dorsten, the operation of which has already started and which over the long term should be operated with a liquid manure content of around 80 percent.

Hanover locations

Lage amounts are also flowing into the AGRAVIS locations and those of its subsidiaries in the Hanover region. For example, Genossenschafts-Kraftfutterwerk GmbH Hanover Genossenschafts-Kraftfutterwerk GmbH Hanover is expanding the Braunschweig location into a special feed plant. Last year an automatic sagging plant entered operation and a new press line for piglet feed was built. Millions are also scheduled to be invested in 2015 in a new mix and milling line.
The subsidiary NewTec West GmbH NewTec West GmbH purchased and modernised an agricultural technology location in Peine in 2014.

AGRAVIS Niedersachsen-Süd GmbH AGRAVIS Niedersachsen-Süd GmbH, also a subsidiary, is gradually optimising its location concept. To do this, several million euro flowed into the Weetzen and Brelingen locations in 2014 and into the expansion of the receiving and storage capacities in Kolenfeld. In order to make the Salzgitter-Beddingen port future-proof as a high-performing agricultural location, AGRAVIS Niedersachsen-Süd GmbH wants to invest in the expansion of the silo plant there.

"These are just a few examples to show that we are constantly developing our locations in the Hanover further", explains AGRAVIS CEO Dr. Clemens Große Frie. "Lower Saxony is an important market for the AGRAVIS Group."

Saxony Anhalt/Brandenburg locations

The expansion of the Schwedt port into a central receiving location in the region is of great importance for the performance capacity of the AGRAVIS Group in the eastern German states. The project with a volume of several millions covers the significantly higher receiving volumes of the AGRAVIS Group as a result of the takeover of Raiffeisen Uckermark GmbH & Co. KG Raiffeisen Uckermark GmbH & Co. KG. The expansion was started in 2014.

The Rossla location of Baro Lagerhaus GmbH & Co. KG Baro Lagerhaus GmbH & Co. KG is also to be enhanced with expanded capacity to form a centre for grain receiving.

Other examples of investments in eastern AGRAVIS locations: the subsidiary NewTec Ost GmbH NewTec Ost GmbH wants to relocate its Manschnow branch office to Seelow. The current site does not offer any possibilities for further expansion. And in Ziesar, a new Raiffeisen store Raiffeisen store is being built as part of a replacement investment. "We see considerable growth potential for our locations in the eastern German states and are therefore building them up with foresight," explains AGRAVIS CEO Dr. Clemens Große Frie.

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