AGRAVIS Technik Münsterland GmbH replaces energy wasters

AGRAVIS Technik Münsterland GmbH AGRAVIS Technik Münsterland GmbH has refitted its branch in Ascheberg with LED technology. The mercury vapour lights (HQL) in the agricultural technology workshop have been replaced over the last few months with light ribbons. Light ribbons have also been installed in the sales room. Spare parts stores and small device workshop are also being fitted with LED tubes, and LED panels have been fitted in the offices. LED spotlights and mast lights provide light outside.

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Apprentice Felix Grove is excited about a consistently illuminated workplace in the workshop.AGRAVIS Technik Münsterland GmbH replaces energy wasters
Apprentice Felix Grove is excited about a consistently illuminated workplace in the workshop.

"The HQL lights were real energyu wasters," is how Heinz-Georg Mors, Managing Director of AGRAVIS Technik Münsterland GmbH, explains the refit. "Energy consumption has fallen by 40 percent – an enormous energy saving, which also contributes to sustainability through the reduced CO2 emissions." In addition, the LED technology also offers another important advantage: The light level at the workplaces has been increased from 360 to 500 Lux. "The improved lighting is noticeable", explains Mors happily.

Overall, the costs for the refit, which was carried out by UP Data Systems GmbH and Sonertec GmbH, totalled around Euro 50,000. The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) supported the investment with 9,000 Euro. The location will save energy costs of around 6,000 Euro a year. The maintenance costs are also lower because LED technology is maintenance free for ten years.

More efficient, environmentally friendlier, longer-lived, and brighter – for Heinz-Georg Mors and his team the benefits of LED technology are overwhelming compared to convention lights. Consequently, the Managing Director can imagine refitting other branches as well: "The LED lighting is becoming ever cheaper and is on the ideal path to becoming the standard form of lighting."

Refitting to LED lighting is part of the range of services of AGRAVIS-Energieservice AGRAVIS-Energieservice. The aim of the measures is to optimise energy costs. LEDs are ideal in all properties with longer lighting. Agriculutral companies, as well as industrial and commercial properties. AGRAVIS has already fitted various locations with LEDs, for example the AGRAVIS distribution centre, the logistics centre for film and webshop items, and AGRAVIS Technik in Walsrode and various Raiffeisen stores Raiffeisen stores.

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