AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG at the Agrarunternehmertagen

From 3 to 6 February 2015, the trade fair Agraunternehmentage Agraunternehmentage will again be opening its gates in Messe und Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland in Münster. AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG is participating in this trade fair as one of the largest exhibitors. Together with eleven Raiffeisen agricultural cooperative societies from the region, it is exhibiting on an almost 600 square-metre stand in the Grosse Halle.

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Along with the contact partners from the agricultural cooperative societies, employees from AGRAVIS Mischfutter Westfalen GmbH AGRAVIS Mischfutter Westfalen GmbH, the Animal feed Animal feed division and from TerraVis GmbH TerraVis GmbH will be available for customers and business partners.

The Agricultural Enterprise Fair have been an established and successful trade fair beyond regional borders since 1997 because it is always high on the schedule of farmers and enterprises. Die Agrarunternehmertage sind über regionale Grenzen hinweg eine seit 1997 etablierte und erfolgreiche Fachmesse. The central item on the agenda this year will be animal breeding animal breeding, feed feed, stall construction and equipment stall construction and equipment, agricultural machines, trade, services, information technologies and regenerative energies. AGRAVIS is covering virtually all of these issues in close cooperation with eleven regional Raiffeisen cooperative associations. One of the major topics at the joint stand of the cooperative association will the animal's well-being. Beyond this, AGRAVIS will also be focusing on issues such as stepping up energy efficiency in maize and utilisation strategies for aquatic plants such as duckweed in animal feed.

In addition, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG together with the Genossenschaft zur Förderung der Schweinehaltung (GFS) Ascheberg and the producer group Westfalen invite you to "Think Pink Think Pink" at the Agrarunternehmentage. This particular lecture event is aimed specifically at pig farmers. It begins in the Grüne Saal at 11am on Friday, 6 February. In their specialist lectures, six experts will highlight the current situation in pig rearing. They will be looking at issues of animal health, the animal welfare initiative and the Fertilization Ordinance.

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