New Shareholders at AGRAVIS-Kraftfutterwerk

The addition of new shareholders to AGRAVIS Kraftfutterwerk Oldenburg GmbH AGRAVIS Kraftfutterwerk Oldenburg GmbH means further extension of the cooperative collaboration in the Oldenburg region and East Frisia. On 1 December 2014, the Bassum-Harpstedt, Holtland, Holtrop-Akelsbarg, Neermoor und Vechta-Langförden cooperatives will join the production company.

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17 regional cooperatives and AGRAVIS Futtermittel GmbH now have a stake in AGRAVIS Kraftfutterwerk Oldenburg GmbH.New Shareholders at AGRAVIS-Kraftfutterwerk
17 regional cooperatives and AGRAVIS Futtermittel GmbH now have a stake in AGRAVIS Kraftfutterwerk Oldenburg GmbH.

"With the 17 shareholders that we have now, virtually all cooperatives across the board in the Oldenburg region and East Frisia have a holding in AGRAVIS Kraftfutterwerk Oldenburg GmbH", Hans-Georg Bruns, deputy member of the Management Board of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, emphasizes. He added that this continued the success story which began with twelve cooperatives in 2006. As a result of the extension of the shareholder group, AGRAVIS Futtermittel GmbH has reduced its shares from 50 to 37.3 percent.

In parallel with the addition of new shareholders, AGRAVIS Kraftfutterwerk Oldenburg GmbH has acquired the feed plant in Leer from an AGRAVIS subsidiary. The location in Leer specializes exclusively in cattle feed and has a nominal capacity of 100,000 tonnes. "This step enables us to increase our flexibility in the region once again and to take advantage of logistical benefits", says Jürgen Aumann, Managing Director of AGRAVIS Mischfutter Oldenburg/Ostfriesland GmbH, which, as the sales company, is the trading partner for the Raiffeisen cooperatives. Coupled with an efficient dairy business, the cooperative channel in the Oldenburg region and East Frisia is hence fit for future challenges, says Aumann.

Moreover, the measures that have now been taken also contribute towards safeguarding jobs at the feed locations of Oldenburg and Leer. "The additional shareholdings increase the cooperatives' identification with the plants in Oldenburg and Leer. This is an important alignment for us in terms of the future", Hermann Mammen, of RWG Ammerland-OstFriesland GmbH RWG Ammerland-OstFriesland GmbH, explains. Together with Heinrich Bruns, Hermann Mammen is also Managing Director of AGRAVIS Kraftfutterwerk Oldenburg GmbH.

"The new shareholders ensure high utilization of our ultra-modern feed plants", Heinrich Bruns explains. Significant sums have been invested in the infrastructure of the production facility at the Oldenburg port over the past few years. Examples include the poultry feed division and grain drying. 400,000 tonnes of mixed feed for all livestock species are produced annually in the plant am Stau in Oldenburg.

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