AGRAVIS NetFarming: Sounds technical – is convenient

Further upgrading of the consulting skills in crop cultivation and technology

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The Isaria sensor in use.AGRAVIS NetFarming: Sounds technical – is convenient
The Isaria sensor in use.

The structural change in agriculture that we have witnessed in recent years has been accompanied by rapid further technological development. Both farm holdings and traders and consultants are being consistently presented with new challenges. These developments were recognised within AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG already early on. Hence, investments are made into cross-segment cooperation to achieve an even better service to create innovative and benefit-oriented solutions for the farmer.

"We would like to get across that we as full-liner are able to offer everything and that we will leave nobody alone with his questions – no matter which area they are coming from", Frank Wiedenroth, Managing Director AGRAVIS Technik Service GmbH emphasises during the DLG Field Days DLG Field Days. In particular the crop cultivation concepts crop cultivation concepts and the agricultural technology solutions agricultural technology solutions become more and more intertwined and have to be increasingly considered from a holistic point of view. This becomes especially clear when using steering systems on the field. It is the utilisation of this technology that makes new cultivation systems such as "Controlled Traffic Farming" or "strip-till" possible in the first place. This development was first taken up by AGRAVIS on the DLG Field Days in 2012 by presenting the results of crop cultivation tests together with the respective agricultural technology.

Those interested will be able to witness the enhanced cross-sector cooperation for the first time at this year's DLG Field Days, under the umbrella of "AGRAVIS NetFarming AGRAVIS NetFarming". Under the motto: "Sounds technical – is convenient" the experts will introduce the concept and the associated products as well as possible services. The major focus of these activities will be on the expected benefits for farmers. "With AGRAVIS NetFarming we want to meet our customers at eye level to jointly face the issues and challenges of the future," Wiedenroth says.

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